Tips for a better show experience

Those tips are just recommendations for a better show and to make you looks good!

Private shows (Roving)
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When the guests are in a cocktail environment, and often the waitstaff come to offer finger food, the suggestion is to ask them before the performance start to avoid serving the group Zatanna is interacting with until she is done ( It won't be long as she usually stays 5 minutes max with each group).

The reason being that when the food is coming it might come with the wrong timing and kill the magic effect...Zatanna will still doing her magic if it happens but it would be a more memorable experience without interruption.


During a sit down dinner, the magic is more effective if performed between the courses (Guests eating usually don't pay attention to magic when the food is on the table).


The second thing for a better experience is about the music. If it is too loud the guests can't hear what Zatanna says and her charming french accent ;) 

Also for the magical mood, if the room lights can be dimmed a little it would enhance the show. At the opposite, if the room is too dark the guest can't see what is happening.

For the Stage shows





Maximum distance between the stage and the first row shouldn't be more than 4 metres

Avoid the dance floor between the stage and first row.

Performance time is better when the guests are not eating and there is no service.

Professional sound system appropriate for the venue to play loud and clear & sound operator. (if less than 100 guests Zatanna can bring her own)

Stage size adapted to the kind of show requested but it needs to be elevated for more than 50 guests.

Please avoid helium balloon and other large table that limit audience pieces on

The performance area needs to be well lit (Zatanna can bring her own lights and backdrop for small venues (less than 50 guests)

Consider videographer/ screen and follow spot for over 300 guests.

Food served in green room one hour before showtime or 15-20 minutes after doe Zatanna and her crew.

Preferred drinks is water and one glass of red wine before the show (Zatanna is French ;) 







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Tips and intro for MC

Do not introduce Zatanna before asking her if she is ready, and please wait for the staff to have cleared the floor, guests are seated and you as an MC have audience attention.

Pre-show intro ( Only if required for your event ): 

"It's almost showtime ladies and gentlemen, please there is no unauthorised video taping of the performance, and ask the person sitting next to you to switch their mobile phone to silent (pause), it's not that we think you'll forget, we just think the person next to you will forget. Please now, turn your chairs so you can clearly see the stage and prepare to be amazed by our next act...the show will start in just a few minutes "


" Ladies and Gentlemen, our entertainer this evening has performed around the world and for the biggest companies in Australia...She is the unique professional illusionist and mentalist in WA, and one of the rare in Australia.. You will love her! Please put your hands together for our fabulous magician...Zatanna, Queen of Illusion."

- Once the show is over, Zatanna and her crew will clear the stage, and we would appreciate any help to load/unload from/to the van to/from the stage.

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