Travelling as a magician from Perth…or as any performing artist!

I love Perth, I love being a magician, and I love travelling!

So how to combine all this and still make a decent living? well, a decent living for a performing artist is already an achievement (unless you are already a star and don’t need to look out for gigs…).

Before we start, a little bit of advertising for me: if you need a female magician, illusionist or mentalist and some of the finest magic in WA send me an enquiry, you won’t regret it…Click HERE and like my Facebook page by clicking HERE. You see that was fast…Now let’s go back to our travelling.

I was lucky to grow up in relatively wealthy family who gave me the travel bug, and who took me at early age in some great destinations…So, I had to keep up. I also took some habits of travelling for free when I was working for Club Med and during 8 years I travelled the world ( USA, Tahiti, Greece, Switzerland, France, Dominican Republic, Africa, Australia…) and I was getting paid for this and for having fun!

I can’t say nowadays I am travelling as much as I would love, but I still manage to have some interesting gigs… How? Well, living in Perth, being a magician, illusionist or mentalist (it have nothing to do with travelling but I try to stick some keywords for my SEO and being originally from France with Italian origins have some advantages First living in Perth you can get gigs everywhere in WA to remote locations or for the mining sites, you can get some gigs over-east , but we also so close to the asian continent which is plenty of performing opportunities…I am not the best networking or marketing woman (far from it), and I still manage to get some gigs in Borneo, China, Bali, Singapore, Bora-Bora and Japan. Don’t expect it to be big money gigs, but consider it more as experience, free vacations with a few performances…In the best case you get your plane tickets paid for and a bit of extra pocket money, with all includes…and in the worst case scenario, well, it cost you some money, but not as much as if you were in complete holidays. Now, think about the other side of it: it is priceless for marketing and promotion, because you can let people know via your website, social media and other, and you are considered as international performer… Everyone is different, but for me personally, I love performing and I love travelling so it is not a big deal, as long as I can make a living with my Perth gigs… I have a personal advantage being French/Italian, I go back home to visit the family once a year for a least 5 weeks (and even if I can’t afford it, I have a little bit of help from my Mum who is happy to see me) , and I am using those yearly flights to get some gigs in my home town or around (this year I already have 2 shows in Italy and 2 in France lined up ) and depending on which airline you fly with, I can take a stopover, and let some resorts know I’ll be around for a few days, and we can work out a deal for some entertainment for their customers…

So that is the way I choose to live, and it is a good life, I enjoy it, and enjoy all the country I have been visiting or performing in. It is not for everyone though! But at least I can call myself an international performer who performed on the 5 continents…It wasn’t always some paid gigs, but it was against some advantages…

Oh, another hobby who make me love travelling, is I love photography, but that would be the subject of another post.

Thank you for reading and talk to you soon!

Magical regards!

Zatanna, Queen of Illusion

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