3 best reasons to hire a professional magician.

Find out the 3 best reasons to hire a professional magician for your next event in Perth.

Magic is fascinating and makes people dreams for centuries, or even thousands of years…

Magic is everywhere around us, in the ads, movies, television, newspapers and magazines.

When you organise a corporate event or private function at home, in a restaurant or other venue, you surely looking for a great entertainment, affordable, who will keep your guests with a fabulous memories. Did you think of hiring a professional magician? Magic will amazed your guests with some fun,visual or psychological, interactive and astonishing effects!

Zatanna, Queen of Illusion is such a professional and international multi-award winner entertainer. She is one of the rare female professional magician, mentalist and illusionist in the world.

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So, hire a professional magician in Perth to entertain your next corporate event or private function is a safe value for a successful party, and here are the 3 reasons why:

  • There is in Perth quite a few magicians, but only a handful of them are professional magicians (meaning their only income is coming from performing the art of magic). A professional seasoned magician will offer a better quality performance compare to a hobbyist or a part time pro, and will offer a customised act to fit your needs. It is indeed important to choose a professional magician who will meet or even exceed your expectations.

  • The diversity and adaptability is also something a professional magician will have over a non professional…meaning it will not be only card tricks for one hour, but a variety of effects using different objects who can even be borrowed ( coins, phone, rings, spoons, business cards…). The adaptability and flexibility to adapt the act to the venue or the circumstances of the event is also a strong asset with a professional magician. The professional can entertain a birthday party, anniversary, a private function, a wedding or even a big corporate event in any venues (your home, a hall, restaurant, convention centre, a park…).

  • The speciality of the magician is very important as once you defined the theme, venue and format of your event, you need to choose the right one…Fortunately, some magicians are polyvalent and can offer an act for every occasion, and they can help you choosing the best option. Here are the different speciality:

– The close-up magician: As the title say, it is close-up, and the magician will manipulate and do sleight of hands with money, handkerchieves, rope, cards and borrowed objects at 50 cm of your eyes. It is interactive, fun and amazing.Close-up magic can be done in a roving condition, mingle with the guests in a non-intrusive manner and show them some great magic for a cocktail event, it can be done in a restaurant or other venue where you have a dinner, between the courses when there is no food on the table (For an optimum performance a magician can entertain around 50 guests in one hour). It also can be done as a parlour show where the guests are gathered around the magician watching an incredible act. ( ideal for 5 to 25 persons).

– The stage magician or illusionist: Ideally you need a stage or platform, but some shows can be adapted on a dance floor or a cleared performing area. It can be a one person show performing some classics of magic mixed with original new magic, or the big illusion show where the magician can cut someone in half or levitate a spectator. Depending on your budget, number of guests, size of the performing area or stage, technical requirement the magician will help you to find the right show.

– The mentalist: it is not the same as the TV show, but the mentalist is an expert at reading mind, predictions, memories stunts…It is mainly psychological magic and it is very impressive and do not require big technical requirement or stage. It can be done in parlour for a small group or the biggest stage though…Don’t get it wrong it is not boring, it has a lot of humour and interactivity, so it is still a fun show, it is entertainment! The only requirement is to get people attention, so to be successful it shouldn’t be done in a noisy environment.

Zatanna is offering those 3 style of magic! Please like her page on Facebook and click here

  • The professional magician’s fees: yes, it comes to that at the end. Of course hiring a professional magician is more expensive than giving a few dollars to a hobbyist, but you will have what you pay for, and the cost will vary depending on the show you want, the length of the performance but also on the driving distance, the date and time or month of the year as we also have some peak seasons.

Around Perth don’t expect to have a good quality full time professional for less than $400/h, but also be careful of the one who overcharge, if you pay more than $600/h it is too much (around Perth CBD)

Often people who don’t use entertainers too often are surprised of the fees we practice, but we are not working from 9 to 5, five or six days a week. You don’t pay for just one hour of magic but for the preparation time, driving to and back from the venue, and specially for the countless hours and years we spent learning, practicing and making up new effects!

So if the professional magician shouldn’t overcharge the bill, please stay realistic and don’t ask for the moon at the price of a movie ticket.

Ask Zatanna for her availability and you won’t be disapointed.

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